“Tales from the Crypt” May Eventually Rise

In very early 2016 came the announcement from TBS and TNT entertainment president Kevin Reilly of a reboot of HBO’s early 1990s “Tales From The Crypt” franchise. Filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan was to steer the anthology series with each episode focusing on a new story.

Then in April came word that the project had stalled and seemed to be effectively dead due to complications over the rights. A statement issued at the time said TNT and others had been pursuing a solution for more than a year. While some progress had been made, it was apparently nowhere near enough to proceed.

Part of the complications is due to the original comic book being sold to various producers and creators over the years. Talking about it this past week at the Television Critics Association press tour, Reilly says:

“Its been fun with lawyers, it’s been really fun. We did not know from the get-go or else we would not have announced it and made a big deal out of it. But in fact, there were rights. It is among the most — if not the most — complicated rights structure I’ve ever seen in my career, and we had no idea as we got into it. It became a nightmare. So we said, ‘Fine.’ If and when this gets cleaned up, we’ll revisit.”

Instead, TNT is turning its attention towards Ridley Scott’s planned weekly block of sci-fi programming for its genre product. No dates for that have been set as yet.

Source: Deadline