Taken Scares Americans Away From Europe

Numerous films, such as Eli Roth’s “Hostel” series, have portrayed Europe as a dangerous place that’s openly hostile towards Americans. Yet the franchise most effective at the task is one you wouldn’t necessarily expect – “Taken”.

Appearing on “The Graham Norton Show” to promote “Taken 3,” that film series’ star Liam Neeson has revealed that he receives letters from Americans put off by the thought of traveling to Europe after watching the series.

He says: “Just the other day I got a letter from a school teacher in Texas who had tried to take sixty students to Europe and the families of forty of them got the kids out of it because they had seen ‘Taken 2’. And then this year she wanted to take twenty of them and the parents all said, ‘No, because we’ve seen that movie.'”

Neeson also recorded a promo for the episode which you can see below: