Take A University Course In Marvel Movies

The University of Baltimore has begun offering a course studying the success of the films of Marvel Studios.

A press release issued by the school says the course is called “Media Genres: Media Marvels” and examines “how Marvel’s series of interconnected films and television shows, plus related media and comic book sources and Joseph Campbell’s monomyth of the ‘hero’s journey,’ offer important insights into modern culture.”

Arnold T. Blumberg, who is teaching the course, says one thing they’ll explore is the recent success of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. They will discuss how a sci-fi adventure that features talking trees and raccoons can become the year’s biggest hit and how mainstream audiences don’t seem to be remotely tired of superhero movies.

The “Media Genres: Media Marvels” course will be offered as part of the University’s Spring 2015 semester.

Source: Heat Vision