Taika Waititi Talks Playing Adolf Hitler

Taika Waititi Talks Playing Adolf Hitler

New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi held a Masterclass as the Toronto International Film Festival this week and while he wasn’t asked about his Marvel future, he did briefly discuss his two upcoming films “Bubbles” and “Jojo Rabbit”.

Waititi, who said he wasn’t bitten by the desire to become a filmmaker until he was 29, says “Bubbles” will not be a run-of-the-mill biopic. The film follows the life and times of Michael Jackson’s famous pet monkey and Waititi talked about his preparation: “It’s the story of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee that has never been told until now, many have tried…I went to Florida, visited Bubbles, interviewed him and got the truth.”

After that comes the film he’s currently working on, “Jojo Rabbit,” in which he not only helms but stars as Adolph Hitler – or rather an imaginary friend version of Hitler for a little boy who wants to be the Nazi he can. He soon finds out that his mother his hiding a Jewish girl in the attic.

Asked how he felt about being a Maori playing the infamous dictator, he says: “What better ‘f–k you’ to that guy than a Jewish-Maori filmmaker playing Hitler?!”. Production is ongoing on that with Waititi saying the film is “a year away”. You can see the full hour-long masterclass here:

Source: Deadline