Taghmaoui Is The Shadow King In “Legion”

“Wonder Woman” and “G.I. Joe” star Said Taghmaoui has scored the key role of the villain Amahl Farouk (aka. the Shadow King) in the upcoming second season of FX’s trippy “Legion”.

The character was seen in the first season in at least three different guises, most notably “the Devil with the Yellow Eyes,” an official character description has now been revealed:

“[He’s the] villain with a thousand faces. In his real form, he is always nattily dressed. Dapper with a thin Clark Gable style mustache. His eyes forever hidden behind a pair of ornate sunglasses.

He was hip long before there was such an idea. He can seductively hold court on any topic and in any language, but his true passion lies in the singular timeless notion of power and amassing as much of it as possible.

It is rumored he is the spawn of the first nightmare, which is fitting because fear is his weapon of choice in exposing the weakness in others. To Farouk, fear equals weakness and he fears nothing. Which is why he takes such delight in seeing others squirm – a reminder he is more powerful than them.”

Noah Hawley returns as executive producer on the slightly expanded ten episode second season which is expected to air next year.

Source: The Live Feed