“Taboo” Series Will Be “Unlike Anything”

The BBC and FX’s “Taboo” TV series marks a third collaboration between writer/director Steven Knight and actor Tom Hardy following “Locke” and “Peaky Blinders”. Knight himself has been talking up the series this week, saying there hasn’t ever been a show quite like what they’re doing with this.

The eight-episode series is set in 1814 and follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), who returns to London from Africa. After inheriting his father’s shipping empire, which he refuses to sell to the East India Trading Company, Delaney makes some new enemies and discovers some dark family secrets.

Knight tells Slashfilm: “Wait until you see it. I don’t think anything has ever been like it. Both directors, Kristoffer [Nyholm] and Anders [Engström], were brilliant. It’s going to be interesting.” He also says Hardy’s Delaney is a seriously flawed character and having Hardy in place allowed him to go some unique places:

“If you do anything with a really brilliant actor, like him, you know what he’s capable of, and you know where there’s no point in going in certain directions. With Taboo, knowing he was there and had this great cast around him, you could really, with the dialogue… It’s really enjoyable to have turn of phrase you wouldn’t have anyone else say. There can be so much going on inside his head that you know that’s going to be reflected on the screen. I think people are going to love it.”

The new series is expected to premiere early next year.