“Taboo” Aiming For Three Seasons Total

Steven Knight, the “Eastern Promises” scribe and “Peaky Blinders” creator, has confirmed that FX’s “Taboo” starring Tom Hardy is planning to only run for three seasons total.

One of the more anticipated shows of the year going into 2017, reviews for the often outlandish period drama were good but not stellar – complaints of the series having a slow burn and being too drawn out were common, despite the season only running eight episodes.

Nevertheless the show did well enough to justify a renewal with a second season in the way in 2018. Speaking with Huffington Post UK, co-creator Knight says the second season will continue to follow James Delaney after he made his daring and dangerous escape from London in 1814 and gives us an idea of where it’s all going:

“I can feel the three acts. The first was ‘the escape’. The second will be ‘the journey’ and the third will be ‘the arrival’, and that’ll be it. I don’t think the story will be what viewers are expecting, but hopefully they’ll enjoy it.

You have to work really hard to make history boring. There was always lots going on, with structures failing, being rebuilt. History has always been taught in terms of kings and queens, and actually the real drama is at the far less stable points in society. That’s where I find my stories.”

“Taboo” is now available in Digital HD via multiple services.