Syfy’s “Z Nation” Pilot A Piracy Magnet?

The premiere episode of Syfy’s new zombie series “Z Nation” proved a big global piracy draw over the weekend, with over 300,000 unique IP addresses reportedly accessing a torrent in the first 24 hours since its U.S. TV debut says piracy tracking firm Excipio.

While it’s a long way from the 1 million or so a “Game of Thrones” season premiere draws, it’s far above some other key cable dramas which often don’t crack six figures.

A little over 10% of piracy related to the episode emanated from the U.S., with Australia, the U.K., Canada and Brazil coming in next.

No word yet on whether high piracy levels will translate into good ratings for Syfy as the network has yet to announce the show’s premiere figures. Critics weren’t kind to it though, the show scoring a woeful 47/100 on Metacritic.

Update: Ratings are in and “Z Nation” debuted to 1.6 million for its Friday night premiere, a low number for a Syfy drama series says EW. It is, however, a record premiere number for an acquired show produced by an outside party for the network.

Source: Variety