Syfy’s “12 Monkeys” Not Quite A Remake

The producers of Syfy’s upcoming TV series version of Terry Gilliam’s “12 Monkeys” say that the show isn’t a exactly a remake.

In fact, yesterday co-executive producer Terry Matalas went as far as saying it is “a complete reimagining. We didn’t want to redo the movie and so we changed everything from the top down.”

Despite that, a screening of a clip from the new series at the Television Critics Association summer press tour indicated the show uses much of the same imagery and plot concepts from the film, but does seem to discard that film’s question of whether Cole really is a time traveler or just insane.

Travis Fickett says “We’re not saying that Cole isn’t an insane person. That’s still open for the series” which he also confirms will be heavily serialised. Actress Amanda Schull, who plays the role Madeline Stowe did in the original, says she intentionally avoided watching the original film so it wouldn’t impact her performance.

Shooting on the first season is underway in Toronto ahead of a premiere on the network in January.

Source: Deadline