Syfy Cancels “Nightflyers” After One Season

Syfy Cancels Nightflyers After One Season

Syfy has cancelled its sci-fi horror series “Nightflyers,” based on the novella by George R.R. Martin, after just one season.

The series followed a crew of eight scientists, led by a reclusive captain, on a spaceship called The Nightflyer which is trying to contact alien life. When a series of horrifying and violent events occur, they begin to question each other and their camaraderie becomes a fight for survival.

The project was the most expensive series Syfy had ever developed and the hope was to spark interest by releasing the entire series all at once on December 2nd. However critical reviews were scathing and ratings were terrible with the finale garnering only 420,000 live viewers. The show has been sold internationally to Netflix where it was released a few weeks ago.

It marks a far cry from Syfy’s other celebrated space series “The Expanse” which drew stellar reviews but was abandoned by the network and later picked up by Amazon.

Source: Variety