Syfy Cancels “Ghost Wars” After One Season

Syfy has cancelled the Vincent D’Onofrio-led horror series “Ghost Wars” after its debut thirteen-episode season which premiered in October last year.

Set in a remote Alaskan town that has been overrun by paranormal forces, the series focuses on local outcast Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia) who must overcome the town’s prejudices and his own personal demons if he’s to harness his repressed psychic powers and save everyone from the mass haunting that’s threatening to destroy them all.

Simon Barry created the series which also starred Kim Coates, Kristin Lehman and Meatloaf. David Von Ancken directed the pilot while Barry helmed two episodes and Jason Priestley tackled a few. Barry, Chad Oakes, Mike Frislev, Dennis Heaton and Von Ancken all served as executive producers.

Source: Deadline