Syfy Cancels “Defiance” After Three Seasons

NBCUniversal’s $100 million transmedia gamble, the Syfy futuristic drama series “Defiance,” has been axed.

Launched three years ago and the most expensive series in the cable network’s history at the time, the project was built on the aim of combining an ongoing TV series with a massively multiplayer online video game with elements that would bleed between both.

The trouble was it required people to invest time in both the show and the game as they were happening, something it never really quite achieved despite scoring the second-largest series premiere in network history. Grant Bowler and Julie Benz starred in the series which wrapped its recent third season with an average of just 1.12 million total viewers per episode.

The decision comes days after the channel axed its warring angels drama “Dominion” after two seasons. The network has lavish dramas “The Expanse” and “Childhood’s End” on the way along with freshmen fantasy tales “The Magicians” and “Hunters” along with returning shows “12 Monkeys,” “Killjoys” and “Dark Matter” and several key shows in the work including “Incorporated,” “Krypton,” “Brave New World,” “Hyperion” and “3001: The Final Odyssey”.

Source: The Live Feed