Sydney Gets A “I Love You” Anthology

We’ve had “Paris, je t’aime” and “New York, I Love You”, now comes similar plans for the anthology feature “Sydney, I Love You” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Producers Gary Hamilton and Jon Polson are mounting the modestly-budgeted project which will consist of twelve short films of 8-10 minutes in length. Each one is set in Sydney during a different month of the year.

It’s also set to explore places and neighbourhoods in this city of five million people that rarely make it to film. One hopes they’ll cover all the geographic areas from the Shire and the affluent Eastern Suburbs to the Northern Beaches and the far West.

The hope is to round up a collection of top Australian actors and directors as well as promising newcomers and to begin pre-production early in 2012. One common thread will be the music will be done by one composer.