“Sweet/Vicious” May Live If It Finds A Network

MTV’s campus rape-themed series “Sweet/Vicious” has scored much acclaim and a loyal fanbase, but lasted just one season before the network cancelled it.

Speaking at the ATX Television Festival on the weekend, executive producer Stacey Sher explained what happened with the show’s axing and how there’s hope – if a network commits to it:

“MTV took a really long time. It killed us slowly and not so kindly, but they said to us, ‘If you can find a studio that will partner, we will go forward,’ which ultimately didn’t happen. We found four studios, and all we really need is a network now, and we’re still incredibly hopeful.

They’ve been very gracious, and have said they’ll make it very easy for us because they were very proud of the show and many people there cheerlead the show. They had a lot of regime changes, which was challenging.”

The series followed Ophelia (Taylor Dearden) and Jules (Eliza Bennett) who take vigilante action against the perpetrators of sexual assault.

Source: Deadline