Sweeney Film Sequel Already Planned

Even though filming just finished on the new film adaptation of classic British 70’s cop show “The Sweeney”, Screen Daily reports that director Nick Love is already in negotiations for a sequel at Vertigo Films.

John Thaw and Dennis Waterman starred in the original series as Jack Regan and George Carter, members of a London police unit dedicated to fighting violent crime. With salty dialogue and tough action scenes, it invented the blueprint for gritty UK cop dramas and was a big inspiration for the more recent hit “Life on Mars”.

Ray Winstone and Ben Drew (aka Plan B) step into the lead roles this time while Hayley Atwell and Damian Lewis have supporting parts in the contemporary-set adaptation.

Love is said to be in talks with Winstone and Drew to make a sequel which would be more international in flavour and could be a prequel story charting how Regan and Carter met. Vertigo would once again produce.

The first film is set to hit the U.K. in September.