“Swamp Thing” Series Shuts Down Amid Turmoil

Swamp Thing Series Halted Mid Production

In unexpected news, production has reportedly been shut down early on the DC Universe original series “Swamp Thing,” the halt coming amidst talk of some major behind-the-scenes turmoil at the boutique streamer which only launched last October.

Star News Online and WECT News broke the news that the series was prematurely closing up shop with cast and crew members reportedly caught by surprise, getting news of the changes during filming on Tuesday night. The reaction on the set was apparently one of shock. The series was expected to film a thirteen episode run right through May up to its scheduled premiere date on May 31st.

The local outlet also reports that crew members were told the project would wrap production on episode ten, three episodes early. In fact The Playlist adds that the tenth episode will be rewritten as the final episode providing a ‘satisfying conclusion’ for the series and turning what was all set to be an ongoing series into a limited event series. Several more days of reshoots are also expected for previously filmed episodes to help make the adjustment.

One of the show’s cast, Virginia Madsen who plays antagonist Maria Sunderland, has spoken about the shutdown in a now deleted social media post indicating the decision came from up higher ups or rather “those who have never set foot into the Swamp” as she put it.

With the shuttering of the show however, it has raised questions as to not just the future of the series but that of the DC Universe streaming service itself as the latter outlet says Warners is “tightening the purse strings” at it decides the fate of the niche service which some expect will see its existing content folded into Warners’ own planned streaming service to launch likely early 2020. Reps for DC Universe have issued a “we’re all fine, nothing to see here” statement to Slashfilm in response.

Despite the issues, it’s not expected to have an impact on the second season of “Titans,” the animated Harley Quinn series or the upcoming “Stargirl” series. Production on the second season of “Titans” began only two weeks ago and is slated to run through to late September.