“Swamp Thing” Series Character Details?

Filming on the TV series adaptation of the DC Comics title “Swamp Thing” begins in September and now descriptions of several of the characters that will be featured in the show have gone online via That Hashtag Show.

The male lead is Alec Holland, a smart mid-30s male and a bit of a hot-head who is determined, passionate and works for the Sunderland Corporation as an independent researcher where he’s discovered a connection between the swamp and the Houma flu. The Swamp has its own plans for Alec when he undergoes a strange transformation into a creature with abilities he could never imagine.

The female lead is Abigail ‘Abby’ Arcane, a mid-30s woman and CDC researcher said to be smart, private, professional, something of a loner who returns to her hometown of Houma after ten years away. After bouncing through a series of foster families, she’s currently in the doghouse with her boss and struggling with a secret.

Then there’s Matt Cable, a character from the early Len Wein comics and Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”. In this version he’s the mid-30s sheriff of the town, former high school sweetheart to Abigail, and ultimately good guy with anger issues. Casting agents are looking for a James Marsden-type.

Finally there’s the villain, an actor in their late-40s to late-50s said to be in “the mold of Lawrence Fishburne or Jeff Goldblum” and will be a smart, slick and cunning baddie with best guesses at this point being Abigail’s uncle Anton Arcane.

The series is expected to be a major draw of the DC Universe digital streaming service alongside “Titans,” “Doom Patrol” and several animated series. Though no premiere date for the service has been officially announced, a late August bow was recently rumored.