“Swamp” Producers Planned Three Seasons

Swamp Producers Planned Three Seasons

The DC Universe original series “Swamp Thing” was canceled right after the first episode aired the other week, though that axing followed reports during production that what was to be a 13-episode first season was being retooled into a 10-episode version that would be more standalone.

Now according to Business Insider, sources close to the production have revealed to them that the original plan was to have “Swamp Thing” run for three seasons should it prove a hit. The series would then continue beyond those three seasons and possibly lead to a “Justice League Dark” crossover.

An unnamed producer indicated that the: “cancellation came as a surprise, 100%. It came out of left field” and the crew “walked away with the sets standing. We didn’t tear them down and go home.” The show launched to strong support from critics and fans, but the streaming service certainly doesn’t seem to have given the show a fair shot.

In fact they’ve only released one statement thus far regarding the cancellation saying: “We appreciate there are questions as to ‘why,’ but unfortunately we are not in a position to answer at this time.” In other words, no comment.