Sutherland Talks Failed “24” Movie

So is the “24: Live Another Day” event series the glorious resurrection of the franchise, or the final swan song?

A recent interview in the UK with Kiefer Sutherland would seem to indicate the latter might be the case as the aim of ‘Live’ is to “bring a sense of closure to the show”.

Speaking with Screen, Sutherland also touched upon the proposed film version of the series that was talked about for several years before ‘Live Another Day’ went into production and how the new event series essentially negates the need for a film:

“We had a look at that. There are multiple reasons why that didn’t happen and I don’t know all of them. 20th Century Fox is a very big company. We work with the television side. The film side is a whole other area.

But in season eight, when [Jack] looks up into that camera and has a 15-minute window to ‘go dark’ and disappear, that was a setup for a potential movie.

I think one of the reasons why Howard [Gordon] wanted to do these twelve episodes and where the idea came for him to write was to end it and bring a sense of closure to the show. That was a big part of it. So I don’t see a film shaping itself around what we’re doing right now.”

Returning after four years, Sutherland admitted he carefully considered the idea before returning:

“The last thing you want to do is damage the legacy of a show you’ve put to bed. We had put this to bed for a reason: Howard Gordon, our lead writer, was tired. He had written 196 episodes – the equivalent of 100 movies – in an eight-year period. That gave me pause for thought. But now we’re almost finished I’m so glad, and arguably we’ve made the best season ever.”