Sutherland Talks 24 Movie Plans

Crave Online talked to Kiefer Sutherland about the upcoming season of his action serial drama “24” and the movie spin-off that is in development. Here’s a clip:

“It’s something that we really, really want to make. The real key difference would be that the 24 hour film would be a 2 hour representation of a 24 hour day. It would be the first thing that we didn’t do in real time. Mainly, you have to understand, we’re making two episodes every three weeks. We would have three months to make a two hour [movie]” says Sutherland.

He adds “Just to have that kind of time to really allow our cinematographer and our director and the writers to focus on such a finite thing. And actually be able to do a film that really has a conclusion, I think would be really exciting not only for us to make but I think for an audience as well. But the thing that I’m most excited about that is that we’re going to make it within the context of still running the show”.

You can read the full interview here. The new season premieres on Fox this Sunday & Monday.