Survey Shows People Want A La Carte Cable

Pricewaterhouse Coopers have released the results of a new study into cable television and what customers want out of their service.

It turns out, a lot of people are unhappy with what they have – only 14% are reportedly satisfied with the current arrangement of channels being bundled together.

44% want a total ‘a la carte’ system, where they pick which individual channels they want. Another 29% want something in between – more customisation of packages. 8% want essential services, and 6% want to access individual shows instead of full channels.

People still want options though, around 65% still want access to 10 or more channels, another 26% want access to 6-9 channels. However, only 38% would be willing to pay more than $3 per channel each month.

Amongst online viewers, Netflix is king with 63% of respondees using the service. 49% use the official network sites, 35% use Hulu, 28% use Amazon Prime, 25% use iTunes, 24% use HBO Go, and 3% use torrenting site The Pirate Bay.

The study also shows that 57% DVR record most of their shows for later viewing, 10% engage in “binge viewing”, and 7% often record shows they never watch.

Source: PwC