Survey Reveals Next-Gen Console Issues

Now that the eighth-generation video game consoles have been out of a while and have been used by consumers, a new survey conducted by online troubleshooting website Fixya has revealed the most common issues plaguing all three of the consoles in the race. Assembled from more than 40,000 reports, the top five issues for each console are:

Wii U
Freezing is the most common problem with 35%, followed by assorted issues with the gamepad at 30%. Further down is problems accessing the internet at 15% followed by more standard issues with audio/video at 10% and other issues at 10%.

Xbox One
No surprise, the biggest issue is problems with Kinect at 30% – specifically its response timing and issues with voice commands. The second is an unexpected one – the console suddenly and unexpectedly turning off, which accounts for 25% of the complaints. Audio/video issues account for 15%, followed by caching issues with 10% and finally assorted other issues at 20%.

PlayStation 4
The number one issue? At 35% it’s the console turning off during mid-use due to various reasons, most commonly overheating and/or a manufacturing fault. The second most common at 25% is the either or both the audio and video not working. At 20% is sudden freezing, most often during updating software. Finally there’s 10% of problems with the disc drive and 10% other assorted issues.

Various tips to fix some of these problems are up at Fixya