Survey: MoviePass Customers Going Unsatisfied

Survey Moviepass Customers Mostly Unsatisfied

National Research Group (NRG) have released the results of its second survey about movie ticketing subscription service MoviePass following on from their previous one back in April this year. What a difference four months can make.

The previous survey, conducted for THR, had 83% of MoviePass patrons saying they were more satisfied with the company than with any other monthly subscription service – including Netflix.

This week? That number has plummeted to 48%. In fact nearly half of the MoviePass customers polled, 47%, say they are either somewhat or very likely considering cancelling their membership. A resolute 37%, however, plan to stand by the company.

The new survey involved 1,558 moviegoers, including 424 MoviePass customers and 100 consumers who had recently cancelled their subscription. Half of those who cancelled had done so in July with the main reasons cited being the continual rule changes and not being able to see a movie of choice.

Shares in parent company Helios & Matheson sank to two cents on Monday with the stock once again facing the possibility of being delisted from Nasdaq.

Source: THR