Supervillains Rule The World In “Steelheart”

“Real Steel” and “Night at the Museum” helmer Shawn Levy is set to produce and potentially direct a film adaptation of Brandon Sanderson’s young adult novel series “Steelheart” for 20th Century Fox.

The first book was published in 2013 and sets up a society in which super-beings are called ‘epics’ and are essentially the bad guys. Receiving their powers in a freak natural event, these super villains use them to rule and enslave with the titular Steelheart being the most evil of all.

Resistance has emerged though in the form of Reckoners: ordinary humans dedicated to finding their weaknesses and assassinating them. The main protagonist is a Reckoner with a personal grudge against the Epics.

Carter Blanchard (“Independence Day: Resurgence”) is penning the script, no production date has yet been set.

Source: Deadline