“Supernatural” Going Smaller With Season 13

The upcoming thirteenth season of “Supernatural” is going smaller scale with its story arcs following several seasons of epic storylines.

The tenth season saw Death himself killed, the eleventh season dealt with God and his sister, and the twelfth season chucked in the sadistic British Men of Letters along with Lucifer’s return and his son and an alternate dimension.

Executive producer Robert Singer tells Cinema Blend that the plan for S13 is to return the focus to the core family-brothers dynamic of the early seasons:

“Deliberately we’re not doing like, I mean last year was pretty big with the British Men of Letters and the whole sort of organizational thing and all that, and this year we made a conscious effort that we wanted to go a little smaller and more personal so with mom in the apocalypse world with Lucifer and the boys having to deal with Satan’s son we thought there would be a lot of emotional possibilities and that’s kind of what we wanted to play with this year. Last year was about bringing the family back together, this year is what do you do when your family gets blown apart.”

The new season of “Supernatural” premieres Thursday October 12th.