“Supernatural” Finally Has An End Date In Sight

The CW’s “Supernatural” enters its twelfth season next month, the longest-running series on the network. At last report, those involved from the cast to the crew to management are all happy to keep this train going for as long as they can.

That said the show’s two stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles look like they may have finally settled on a potential end date for the Winchester boys. Speaking with EW, both actors say they’re looking at the show’s next major benchmark – its 300th episode – as a potential end date for the series.

Ackles says: “In a marathon, I keep my sights on that next mile, wherever that might be, and 300’s a good number to work for.” Padalecki adds: “If we don’t make it to 300, I think Ackles and I will both be truly bummed. When we get to 300, I think Ackles and I will think it might be time to say bye. There’s a chance that changes, but we certainly do not take it for granted that we’re going to make it to 300.”

That episode count would take the series through Season 12, Season 13 and halfway through Season 14. Executive producer Bob Singer suggests that the fourteenth could be a truncated one that would cap off the story: “We talked about wanting to be able to know when our end was, and if it was to be, let’s say, 300 episodes, we could tell a 13-episode story… I think it would be bad for this show to just ride off in the sunset without a finale. I think we’ve earned that. I don’t know what that finale is, but we’d certainly like to do one.”

Should they go with that plan it would take the show through 2018 and potentially a few episodes in 2019. In related news, Kara Royster has joined the twelfth season as Alicia, a fellow hunter who crosses paths with the Winchesters. Check out the short promo trailer below: