Superman To Appear In “Supergirl”?

The casting of the title role in CBS’ “Supergirl” TV series hasn’t locked down its leading lady yet. However, those involved have been apparently looking far and wide in search of who will be playing not just Supergirl and her human guise in this outing – Kara Danvers, but those who surround her too.

Spoiler TV has discovered a bunch of audition tapes for the series with various young actors testing for the roles of Kara, Jimmy Olsen and Alex Danvers. The script pages they read, and which are tipped to be official, seem to suggest that Superman as a character is a part of the show’s action.

In the new series, Jimmy Olsen is a new unit photographer from Metropolis who’s friends with Superman and known for taking pictures of him. One scene is a conversation between Jimmy and Kara during which Kara reveals Superman “feels more like family to me.” Olsen then tells her about the time he saw Superman save some kids from a burning building.

There’s another in which Alex and Kara are having a conversation. Kara reveals she used her powers in public to stop a train from going over a bridge, and Alex is quite upset about it. Greg Berlanti serves as executive producer on the show.