Superman Teases Shazam & Power Struggle

Our current big screen Superman, Henry Cavill, has participated in a photo for Christmas over the weekend that has gotten tongues wagging. The photo was taken by box-office king Dwayne Johnson who was sharing drinks and relaxing times with the British hunk over the break.

Of course Johnson is slated to play the villain Black Adam in the “Shazam” film, and the caption for the photo reminds us of that: “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Black Adam and Superman. Today we drink like gentleman and come together as friends. We’re excited for what the future brings. #DangerousGentlemen #DCWorldsWillCollide.”

It’s that last hashtag that has gotten talk stirred up that Cavill’s Superman character may appear in the “Shazam” movie with Johnson. Superman and Black Adam have fought each other a handful of times in the DC comics with the pair fairly even in terms of power. Could this be translated to the big screen as well?

Darren Lemke (“Jack the Giant Slayer”) is penning the script for “Shazam” whic his currently targeting an April 2019 release. Before that we see Cavill reprise the Superman role in Zack Snyder’s already shot “Justice League” film. Cavill’s Kryptonian hero returns from seeming death at some point in the film and becomes a part of the ‘League,’ but not without some political squabbling getting in the way.

Cavill told Total Film this week that his character and Ben Affleck’s Batman get into a bit of a fight as to who leads this motley crew of heroes: “There’s pretty much an argument between him and Batman as to who is the leader.” Snyder says the squabble will add some humor to the film: “I think it’s in all the characters inherently, this larger than life, big, fun stuff, especially when you’re dealing with the Justice League.”

The “Justice League” movie opens in November next year.