“Supergirl” Casts Gadiot As Mr. Mxyzptlk

Peter Gadiot (“Queen of the South,” “Tut,” “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”) has been cast as the DC Comics character Mister Mxyzptlk for two episodes of the second season of The CW’s “Supergirl”.

In the comics, the character is a fifth-dimensional imp who is part of Superman’s Rogues gallery. He’s been portrayed both in “Superman: The Animated Series” voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, in “Superboy” by Michael J. Pollard, in “Lois & Clark” by Howie Mandel and in “Smallville” by Trent Ford.

The series is currently on a hiatus and will return with new episodes on Monday, January 23rd starting with the ninth episode which was directed by Kevin Smith.

Source: Heroic Hollywood