“Superfly” Moves Up, “Barbie” Delayed

Sony Pictures is shaking up its film schedule with the upcoming film based on the “Barbie” franchise being delayed two years. Originally slated for August 8th 2018, the film will now open May 8th 2020 – not a huge surprise as the film hasn’t entered production as yet.

Said to be in the vein of “Splash” and “Enchanted,” the film follows a misfit living in a land of perfect Barbies, who comes to the real world where her being/looking different turns into an asset. Anne Hathaway will star in the film which has had the likes of Hilary Winston, Amy Schumer and Diablo Cody working on the script.

Meanwhile the remake of iconic 1970s classic “Superfly” has set an ambitious June 15th 2018 release with “Watchmen” writer Alex Tse working on the script which Director X is helming.

“Slender Man” being pushed from May to August 24th, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” now opening November 9th, the comedy “Holmes and Watson” being set for Christmas Day, and the horror film “Cadaver” being pulled from the schedule.

Source: Sony Pictures