Super Troopers 2 Raises $4.4M Budget

Waging what’s being dubbed the second most successful crowdfunding campaign for a film to date (behind only “Veronica Mars”), the Broken Lizard comedy troupe has taken in $4.4 million in a month to raise production funds for an upcoming “Super Troopers” sequel.

Over 50,000 people contributed to the Indiegogo campaign which met its initial goal of $2 million in 26 hours, an amount Fox Searchlight had agreed would be enough for them to release the film. Broken Lizard also crafted new stretch goals aimed at attracting additional backers.

The results mean the film can do more than they’d originally planned, more than the original as well which was made for just $1.2 million. The sequel is now slated to go into production this summer.

Source: Variety