Sunshine Delayed Again – To December

The Danny Boyle sci-fi film “Sunshine” with trailers that have got the fan boys salivating has been pushed back… YET AGAIN.

Shot late 2005 and initially rumoured for a release last October, the first confirmed date for the project was March 16th this year.

The result was a late January flood of promo material including trailers, clips, etc. which got a lot of people excited.

The film follows a crew’s attempt to re-ignite a dying sun and stars the likes of Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh and Rose Byrne amongst others.

Then came word last week the film was going to be pushed back to a late Summer release – sometime in August. Naturally the news was not met with jubilation.

Now though outright rage has ignited with an official December 15th release date set for the film – a full nine month delay into the already overcrowded month of December.

No word yet on why such a long delay, the sad truth is this particular genre isn’t known for producing winners and the #1 reason for a delay is usually because a film stinks (ie. “Ghost Rider,” “Supernova”).

On the other hand the people involved have got a lot of street cred and goodwill built up, plus the footage so far looks incredible.