“Sunburn” Sequel Already In The Works

Sunburn Sequel Already In The Works

Moviehouse Entertainment has jumped onboard the British-produced horror feature “Sunburn” with a sequel already in the works. The script for the follow-up is in late-stage development and producers will begin looking for a director later this month.

Anthony Alleyne wrote, directed and produced the first film which follows a young American backpacker following a friend who has ventured ahead of him to rural Spain. He becomes embroiled with an alluring local woman, Lucia, who soon becomes obsessed with him. Forced to escape her home, Mike discovers that his freedom comes at a horrific price in the little village of Angustias.

The horror film, which hails from Born Wild and Proper Charlie Productions, does the opposite of most movies of the genre – here the danger lurks in the light, darkness is the only safety. Of the sequel, Alleyne says: “It was always intended that the story would continue, and expand in a deeper and more disturbing way. ‘Sunburn 2’ represents a journey deeper into hell.”

Alleyne is also working on an adaptation of the Titan Comics graphic novel “Under”. The first “Sunburn” hasn’t set a U.S. release date as yet.

Source: Variety