Summit’s “Push” Becoming A TV Series?

Summit Entertainment and E1 Entertainment are developing a TV series based on Summit’s 2009 sci-fi thriller “Push”.

The story centres on people with paranormal powers who band together to take down a corrupt government agency. The series will apparently extend the universe setup in the film rather than serve as a flat out remake.

The choice is a strange one. The Paul McGuigan-directed action film scored only a modest $48 million worldwide box-office haul and generally dismal reviews. Translating this to the small screen makes about as much sense as a TV series version of other recent high-concept stand-alone sci-fi flops like “Surrogates,” “Gamer,” “Jumper,” “Next” or “Outlander”.

The film was also seen by many as a rip-off of the very similarly premised NBC’s “Heroes”, a show which the networks don’t want to copy considering how fast that series plummeted in terms of quality and ratings.

David Hayter (“Watchmen,” “X-Men”) will script the “Push” series pilot and produce alongside Benedict Carver, Noreen Halpern and John Morayniss.