Summit Responds To “Eclipse” Reshoot Talk

Summit Entertainment has shot down some rather alarmist reports about the upcoming “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” requiring extensive reshoots.

LaineyGossip reported yesterday that Summit was quietly assembling the crew and cast to reconvene in Vancouver for to reshoot “key scenes” and “a few fight sequences”. That didn’t seem that out of the realm of possibility as pickups and minor reshoots are relatively common among tentpole features.

The site mentions around a week of reshoots were required, though that would be compressed into three 18-hour days to accommodate Robert Pattinson’s schedule.

More interesting though were claims that director David Slade was potentially not going to be involved as he had run into “creative differences” with the studio. As a result previous series helmers Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke were being reached out to as potential replacements in the director’s chair.

It’s a bold claim, but Summit quickly responded with a company spokesman telling IndieWire that the reshoots had been planned for months and the studio itself thinks ‘Eclipse’ “may be the best of the three so far”.