Summit Fingers “Breaking Dawn” Pirate

You piss off Bella Swan, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

Summit Entertainment has issued a rather unusual press release this week identifying the alleged culprit in the hacking incident back in March which led to photos and video from “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1” making their way online says THR Esq..

Summit says Daiana Santia of Posadas, Argentina was involved in a group that stole photos, unfinished images and video from the project and located her after a four-continent manhunt. Civil actions have been filed in the U.S. and Argentina, along with a criminal action in Santia’s home country.

Summit’s executive VP David Friedman says “While we very much appreciate the legions of committed fans of the franchise and encourage them to create community online, we cannot ignore that property was stolen. It is not fair to the majority of fans that want to see the final chapter of the Twilight Saga film franchise fully realized by the filmmaker and dedicated cast and crew to have these images out and available on the Internet.”