Summer 2015 Box-Office Second Biggest Yet

With the Labor Day Holiday Weekend now over, so to is the U.S. Summer movie season. The end result has been the second highest grossing in history with $4.48 billion from May 1st through to the end of this weekend.

A few key flops prevented the season from reaching the still reigning champ of 2013 with $4.75 billion, but the total is a whopping 10.4% increase over last Summer’s weak haul. Admission numbers are still being tallied but are expected to be between 518-530 million – up from 495 million last year, but behind 2013’s 587 million admissions.

The leaders of this year’s domestic grossers were “Jurassic World” with $647.5M, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with $457.8M, “Inside Out” with $349.6M, “Minions” with $329.8M, “Pitch Perfect 2” with $183.8M, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” with $182.5M, “Ant-Man” with $174.1M, “San Andreas” with $154.3M, and “Mad Max: Fury Road” with $153M.

Disney and Universal were unsurprisingly the big winners, scoring a whopping 60% of the market share for the season. Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures were the ones that most notably floundered.

It’s expected that the 2015 might be the first year where the worldwide box-office tops $40 billion, $11 billion of which will be from the United States alone.

Source: Variety