Suicide Squad Wraps, Won’t Get Superman

While we know that Ben Affleck’s Batman will appear in David Ayer’s DCEU-linked “Suicide Squad” film at Warner Bros. Pictures, there’s the obvious question of whether his “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” co-star and current on-screen Superman actor Henry Cavill will join him.

Speaking to this week, Cavill straight up confirmed he will not be appearing in the film with a firm “no”. While the Comic Con trailer for the film confirms the events of “Suicide Squad” take place after “Man of Steel,” it’s not clear if they happen before or after the events of ‘Dawn’.

So if he’s not in the film, could he make an appearance in a sequel? The actor was more open about that idea, saying: “I might be.” Cavil also recently spoke with Cosmopolitan where he was asked if he thinks Wonder Woman is a better pairing for Superman than Lois Lane. His response:

“This is a very long discussion because there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered. I mean who is better for a super-powered alien, a human or a goddess? Yes, the goddess can do all the normal things, which we would think are normal in a relationship, and not have any fear of Superman. But you also need to have that baseline of humanity, which Lois provides. And literally keeps his feet on the ground, keeps him down to earth. So that’s more of a debate than an answer.”

The comments come as it has been confirmed that “Suicide Squad” wrapped filming over the weekend with the film’s two key Aussie stars Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney paying a visit to a young Toronto girl’s lemonade stand which is raising money for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics in an effort to help her older brother who suffers from the severe neurodevelopmental disorder. Check out video of that visit below.