Suicide Squad To Return To “Arrow”

The small screen Suicide Squad is set to return to The CW’s “Arrow” with word today that the current season’s seventeenth episode “Suicidal Tendencies” will sport a slightly different incarnation of the group.

Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) and Deadshot (Michael Rowe) are returning, but Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) is gone – replaced by newest member Cupid (Amy Gumenick).

The episode will also introduce Senator Cray (Steven Culp), a corrupt politician who will be at the forefront of a rescue mission in the Republic of Kasnia. Also making another appearance in the episode is Charlotte Ross as Donna Smoak, Felicity’s mother.

The CW was reportedly considering a “Suicide Squad” TV series spin-off, plans that were ditched after Warners announced their plans for a “Suicide Squad” movie which begins filming in April.

Source: ET