Suicide Squad Tattoos Offered At SXSW?

Now here’s a bit of clever marketing. David Ayer’s upcoming “Suicide Squad” is getting “ready to leave its mark on SXSW” according to tweets from various actors in the DC Comics adaptation.

What does that mean? Tweets have been released showing tattoo representations of members of the squad along with the hashtag #HarleysTattooParlor. The first couple can be seen below, along with a brand new poster, but it has already led to the likely possibility that a pop-up Harley-themed tattooed parlour offering these tattoos will be on offer at the cultural festival which launches from tomorrow.

Will the film screen? Almost certainly no, but SXSW is offering a ton of major screenings including Key and Peele’s “Keanu,” the pilot for AMC’s “Preacher,” a work-in-progress cut of “Sausage Party,” a feature-length “Star Wars” documentary, and the Netfilx original film “Pee Wee’s Big Holiday”.