Suicide Squad Joker’s Car Featurette

Though there’s been a lot of behind-the-scenes paparazzi photos and footage of the metallic fuscia sports car that Jared Leto’s take on The Joker will sport in next year’s “Suicide Squad,” a new featurette about the vehicle has gone online.

Fox 13 News recently interviewed Matt McEntegart of the Florida-based Vaydor Exotics, the creator of the car which was seen on the streets of Toronto this past year. Dubbed the ‘Vaydor’, the car is a retrofitted Infinity G-35 with a custom built fiberglass body.

McEntegart was called up by a producer who wanted to use it as a “villain’s car” in an upcoming film but didn’t say which one – turned out to be The Joker. In terms of the car’s look he says: “I wanted something different. I’m a fan of the super car look. So I wanted aggressive, angry, low to the ground.”

Check out the interview below, the film itself opens in August next year.