“Suicide Squad” Cameo, Credits Stinger Confirmed

David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” has begun screening for media with reactions and reviews currently under wraps. That said, two of the film’s surprises have been spoiled – a cameo first rumored a few weeks back, and the reveal of a credits stinger.

First up, ComicBook.com says the film is confirmed to have a mid-credits stinger and it’s a big one that is described as “pivotal and important”. As of now though, the film does NOT have a second stinger at the end of the credits. What’s in the one they do have? That’s not clear at the moment.


Meanwhile the fan speculated about rumor of Ezra Miller’s The Flash making an appearance has been confirmed. Reports have indicated that the scene takes place within the film itself and was shot not that long ago, likely around the time of the reshoots on the film in April.


The film is tracking to debut to a $125 million opening weekend if not higher when it opens late next week. A new eight-minute featurette for the film is also out and can be seen below: