“Sudden Death” Remake Begins Filming

Sudden Death Remake Begins Filming

Filmmaker Dallas Jackson (“Thriller”) has begun production this week on “Welcome to Sudden Death,” what is dubbed a ‘new spin’ remake of the Jean-Claude Van Damme and Powers Boothe-led 1995 action film “Sudden Death”.

That original film had Van Damme as a fireman who interceded when terrorists snatch the U.S. Vice President during an NHL Stanley Cup game. Michael Jai White and comedian Gary Owen (“Daddy Day Care”) lead the cast in the new feature described as “martial arts heavy ‚Ķwith a comedic twist”

Filming kicked off in Winnipeg for Universal 1440 and Netflix, with a mid-2020 release expected around the time of the Stanley Cup Finals in late May/early June. Griff Furst is producing.

Source: Deadline