Suchet Films Final Five “Poirot” Books

While Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov’s cinematic takes have divided fans, there’s no doubt that when it comes to Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot there is only one man who has given what is considered the definitive portrayal – David Suchet.

Having inhabited the character since 1989, Suchet and many Christie fans were keen to see him film all of the novels and short stories featuring Poirot. Earlier this year however it looked like the last telemovies required to complete this ambition would not be put into production due to budgetary cutbacks at ITV.

Now though comes the official word (via Digital Spy) that ITV has recommissioned “Poirot” for a final series. The five new Christie adaptations will include ‘Labours of Hercules’, ‘Dead Man’s Folly’, ‘The Big Four’, ‘Elephants Can Remember’ and the Belgian detective’s infamous final story ‘Curtain’. Production on the final five telemovies will commence next year.

The show has often embellished certain details which has lead to occasionally divided reaction. Last year’s “Murder on the Orient Express” adaptation was notable for upsetting many with the introduction of uncharacteristic religious elements. Most of the adaptations however have scored high marks with audiences and fans, Suchet himself always singled out for his portrayal, and the show remains a solid earner and audience drawer for ITV and Granada.

ITV have also announced that Julia McKenzie will return to the role of Miss Marple for three new telemovie adaptations of Christie tales “A Caribbean Mystery”, “Endless Night” and “The Seven Dials Mystery”.