Study Indicates Netflix Viewing Is WAY Up

Back in 2011, the subscription-based video streaming service Netflix suffered a bad PR incident involving the raising of its prices and the splitting of its service.

Its customers though appear to have moved on. Variety reports that The Diffusion Group, a research body, has ascertained that the average Netflix user watches approximately 93.2 minutes of content on the service per day.

That’s up, WAY up from 2011 in fact – a 350% increase. Netflix streamed an estimated 7 billion hours of video in second quarter of 2014, compared to 2 billion in the last quarter of 2011.

Americans still watch more than three times as much traditional television – averaging around 285 minutes of TV per day. The survey revolved around 2,000 adult broadband users and dealt with their viewing habits during the second quarter of 2014.