Study: Binge Watching Is The New Norm

Remember those studies linking binge watching to depression? By that reasoning a lot of people must be depressed these days, especially the young.

Deloitte’s tenth edition of its annual Digital Democracy Survey has revealed 70% of U.S. consumers binge watch television, with those viewers watching an average of five episodes at a time. The survey also revealed that 31% of all viewers are binging on TV on a weekly basis.

Around 46% Americans subscribe to streaming video services, and within that group those aged 14-25 were spending more time streaming video content than watching live TV and valued those subscriptions more than paid TV subscriptions. Those aged 26-32 have an average of three subscriptions for streaming video sites (ala Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, etc.).

More than 50% of all consumers, and 75% of 14-25 year olds, watched film or TV through streaming on (at least) a monthly basis.

But perhaps the most interesting statistic of all – over 90% of consumers surveyed admitted to multitasking whilst watching TV. Those under 25 in fact were engaging in an average of four additional activities such as web browsing, text messaging, and social networking.

Seems sitting and watching TV without distractions, especially when its live, is VERY passe. The survey, conducted in November 2015, employed an online methodology among 2,205 U.S. consumers.

Source: THR