Studios Fighting Over “Kingsman” Star

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” hunk Taron Egerton is a man in demand it seems, so much so a potential major scheduling conflict has arisen.

THR reports that production on the “Kingsman” sequel is butting heads with the “Robin Hood: Origins” project which Egerton is also committed to.

Fox is keen to get moving on the “Kingsman” follow-up, so much so that they’ve set an April start of shooting date. That messes with Lionsgate’s plan for Egerton to begin filming the ‘Hood’ project in February.

Egerton’s contract for “Kingsman” supersedes his ‘Robin’ commitment, but the latter is much further along and Fox will be struggling to meet that April start date.

Both studios have worked out such a conflict before – like they did with Jennifer Lawrence’s “The Hunger Games” and “X-Men” commitments – with the actor ultimately allowed to do both.

Egerton, who was considered a candidate for Spider-Man before Tom Holland scored the role, has also expressed an interest in taking over the Wolverine role when his “Eddie the Eagle” co-star Hugh Jackman leaves the part.