Studios Fight Over “Monsterpocalypse” Film

A bidding war has broken out between Warner Bros. Pictures, DreamWorks and Sony over the upcoming sci-fi action feature based on the board game “Monsterpocalypse”.

“Evil Dead” remake director Fede Alvarez is attached to helm and co-write the project with Rodo Sayagues. The story will tie back to the game in which humans in robot suits battle against monsters.

An adaptation was previously in the works back in 2010 with Tim Burton, but that stalled due to the similar sounding Guillermo del Toro film “Pacific Rim” moving forward.

Now it has picked up steam again with a version said to be substantially different from both the previous iteration and “Pacific Rim,” despite retaining the core concept. A fourth studio is also said to be in contention for the project with a deal potentially being made in the next few days.

Alvarez made his breakthrough debut on the popular short film “Panic Attack!” which featured giant robots attacking Montevideo in South America.

Source: Heat Vision