Studiocanal Plans Helena Rubinstein Biopic

Studiocanal Plans Helena Rubenstein Biopic

Studiocanal Australia has announced plans for “Helena,” a biopic of businesswoman and cosmetics pioneer Helena Rubinstein.

Rubinstein was a pioneering Polish-Australian-American businesswoman who beat the men of Wall Street at their own game, and oversaw an empire with booming salons in London, Paris, Melbourne and New York.

The film’s story takes place in 1928 when she is faced with a choice of giving up control of her empire or losing her marriage with Edward Titus

Anthony Waddington (“The Eye of the Storm”) and Marcus Gillezeau (“Storm Surfers 3D”) will produce with a screenplay by Katherine Thomson (“Answered by Fire”). No cast, budget or international partners have been revealed but filming aims to begin 2019.

Source: iF Magazine