Studio L Develops A “Blair Witch” Series

This week saw the launch of Studio L, Lionsgate’s new offshoot which is focused primarily on creating digital content aimed at younger audiences.

Studio L already has three indie film projects set for release this spring, but it’s what they’re developing next that has much of the attention – the most notable being a potential television series based on the found-footage horror phenomenon “The Blair Witch Project”.

The original film told the fictional story of three student filmmakers who disappeared in 1994 in rural Maryland while making a documentary about a local legend known as the Blair Witch. The film, which grossed more than $248 million worldwide, spawned both a sequel and a reboot.

Several months ago the original film’s co-director Eduardo Sanchez teased that he and the original creative team were working on a series version for Lionsgate – now it seems to be more than just talk.

The new ‘Blair Witch’ is one of several titles from Lionsgate’s library that could score new life on a digital service, another being a series version of the 2005 Ryan Reynolds comedy “Waiting”.

Source: Deadline